Dear member (new and existing),
Welcome to out new homepage which in the future will be our hub for all communication and administration.
Complete all the 3 steps mentioned below. Then you are sure to be registered correctly.

Create a profile: To ensure that all data on all members is updated, we ask all members to create a profile, it should not take more than 2 min. but it is a very big help for us in the club.
With the "Add Family Member/Tilføj familiemedlem" function, it is possible to register several members under the same profile.
Click "Opret profil" in the upper right corner.

Join the club: Once you have created a profile, you must join the club. The membership is a subscription, so when you sign up you will be charged a membership fee for the current quarter. After that, the subscription is automatically deducted every quarter.
Membership costs DKK 300 per quarter.
Click "Tilmelding" in the menu in the upper left corner, click "Tilmeld" on "KONTINGENTER/Aktiv medlem" and follow the process.

Join Team(s): Once you have joined the club, you can join the team(s) you want.
This is free once you are a member of the club.
Click "Tilmelding" in the menu in the upper left corner, click "Tilmeld" on the team you want to join and follow the process.


Thank you

 Juku Ryu Ju Jitsu Klub